Baby bath time is a special time for you and your baby. In the baby bath tub, your child might cry and be scared a little at first but once they realize how relaxing it is they will enjoy it. You should take this time to give your baby a gentle massage and maybe put some soothing products into the baby bath. This will create a calming atmosphere and your baby will be ready for a cozy bedtime.
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Make sure you’re prepared for your baby bath time by keeping all the things you need in the place where you decide to bathe your child. For newborns, it’s a good idea to put the baby bath tub on the floor in the living room on a towel. This is because it is usually warmer than the bathroom room and you don’t have to worry about slipping on tiles. Once your baby is a little older, you can start to use the baby bath tub in the bathroom since it will be more convenient. You will need a wash cloth, baby soap, baby lotion, and any other products that you think you will need. The baby bath tub should only be filled to a shallow level and test the water on your wrist for a comfortable washing temperature. You should then gently place your baby in the water using one hand to cradle their head and neck. Use the other free hand to wash and massage your child. Make sure that you clean the baby’s bottom last. You should always start with the head and face. Once you remove your baby from the bathtub, slowly massage lotion over your baby’s body.

Another option that could save time for you is to bring the baby’s tub into the bathtub with you. The water shouldn’t be too hot. You should place your baby on your chest while bathing him or her. Even though you are saving time with this method, you are also creating a special bond between you and your baby. There are also baby wash mattresses you can purchase that can be used in the baby’s tub and also as back support for you while bathing with your baby in the bathtub. Make your baby bath time enjoyable.



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