Jogging strollers for infants make it possible for moms and dads to quickly restore a level of outdoor exercise after their newborn has arrived. Jogging Strollers for infants also let parents become physically active while not taking anytime apart from their kids. Having said that there are certain precautions to keep in mind when the child is still an infant or a newborn. Here i will discuss things to take into consideration when trying to find jogging strollers for infants.

Jogging Strollers for Infants – What Are The Age Requirements? Jogging strollers for infants are often reserved for kids that are nearly approaching One year old or even older. Normally, this is because of basic safety concerns in addition to issues with the comfort and fit of a small child in a regular jogging stroller.

Nevertheless, you will still find parents who may wish to take their infants and newborns along with them when they are jogging through their usual routes.

There are some factors you’ll need to watch out for when you are going to buy a jogging stroller. The most recognizable difference between a jogging stroller and a normal stroller is the thick big wheels that a jogging stroller has. Wheel measurements range from 12” to 24”, so the rougher the surfaces, the larger the wheels should be.The bigger the wheels, the smoother the ride should be. Some jogging strollers for infants are well suited for all terrain areas while some are just suitable for urban areas. The all terrain strollers would be suitable for almost anywhere.

For the safety of your little one, you shouldn’t exceed the weight capacity. Jogging strollers for infants have various weight capacities. Make sure that you select a stroller that is sufficient to hold the weight of your infant or newborn. The jogging strollers for infants will likely have either pockets or trays where you could store baby accessories and personal things like car keys and a wallet. Dependent upon the level of your activity, the tray might be sufficient, but pouches with zips is often more practical if you are jogging to make sure your possessions do not fall out. These can be taken off and washed in the washer and then dried in the dryer. Machine washable seats are another must for convenience.

Most jogging strollers for infants have a 5-point harness, however some cheaper ones may have the T-shield which doesn’t have the center chest clip. Most state-of-the-art jogging strollers for infants are going to have shock absorbers incorporated in to the frame of the stroller. For your child’s safety, the stroller ought to have a harness to secure your baby in the seat. This needs to be strong enough to make sure that your little one is kept in place in case you need to make any abrupt stops, go over any bumps or in case of an accident.

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A good shock absorbing system is essential especially if you are jogging over rough terrain. Safety is the number one priority when it comes to jogging strollers for infants.


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