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There are many helpful tips for child discipline. There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to your toddler's behavior. Even though all children are unique, doctors have found that some habits and attitudes may be hereditary. So what works for one child might not necessarily work with another. For child discipline to work, you need to set boundaries and enforce appropriate punishment. There is no need for corporal punishment. Your toddler should also receive rewards from time to time for being well behaved. Your parenting skills should be applied depending on your toddler's response level.

When dealing with a toddler you should always create structure and set limitations. The first thing you should do is set a routine, especially if the child is starting to respond actively. The reason for this is because your toddlers are still very dependent on you. Jogging Strollers

Child Discipline and Structure

You should create a schedule for family meals and have them wake up at the same time every day. They should always know what activities to expect, whether it's walking, playtime, reading, etc. Giving your child this clarity in daily activities is how they will become well mannered, compared to a toddler's schedule that is scattered. Even though you have a schedule, don't make everything set in stone. Child discipline needs to be enforced but this is the best age for your child to explore and learn. Child Discipline

Being Consistent With Child Discipline

You have to be consistent when it comes to child discipline. If you tell your toddler not to hit the dog, don't let them do it even when the dog is being playful. If you tell your toddler not to go up the stairs alone, don't encourage them to do it even when you are watching them. Toddlers can be a handful if they don't see you as the authority figure. Let them know there are consequences for their actions. Don't let the fact that they are cute and adorable distract you. To get your toddler to listen and behave, your child discipline strategy should stay the course. When you are firm and consistent your child will not hesitate to obey you. After awhile you will start to realize that you don't even have to raise your voice to get your toddler to listen to you. The toddler stage is probably the hardest stage that parents will face, next to raising teenagers. During the toddler years, your child absorbs all the information around them like a sponge. This means not only do you have to set limitations, you also have to set a good example. Your toddler is always watching and listening. Child discipline is all about maintaining a balance of structure.
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What are the best toys for toddlers? Continue reading and I will show you tips for choosing toddler toys. Toys for ToddlersWhen it comes to learning, all parents want to give their children a head start. There are many educational toys for toddlers that are available for your child to stimulate their growth and development in playful ways. The toddler toys that you choose must entertain your child for basic learning skills to develop. Your child will be having so much fun, they won't even know that they are learning.

Toys for Toddlers and Their Motor Skills

If you want to develop your child's coordination and motor skills, you should invest in toys for toddlers that have a lot of turning items and buttons. Toys for toddlers that make a lot of noises are a favorite amongst children. Keyboards are great because they teach your child to associate fun sounds with their pushing actions. A child's ability for sound recognition is usually acquired this way.

Educational Toddler Toys

There are age specific toys to use as children grow through the various stages of learning. Educational toddler toys should encourage your toddler's imagination and the toys must match their learning level in order for them to be effective. The best toys for toddlers which are also educational are interactive type toys. They entertain your child so they end up learning while they are also having fun.

Toys for Toddlers and Their Curiosity

You should also consider toys for toddlers that involve filling and emptying or pushing and pulling. Toddler ToysToddlers touch and look at everything because their minds are very curious. Puzzles, toys that pop up, and stacking blocks are favorites for educational toddler toys.

Colorful bath toys are a fun way for your toddler to enjoy bath time. Bath toys that make noise and float are great playmates in the bathtub. You can never go wrong with the famous and traditional rubber ducky.

Toddler Toys For The Artistic Toddler

Older toddlers enjoy books that include sounds and songs, as well as playing with colorful ABC and 123 fridge magnets. Toys for toddlers that feature clay modeling like play-doh will give your child an outlet for expression. Chalkboards and other toddler toys that your child can write on will help them with their development as well.

Hope you enjoyed these tips on how to choose the best toys for toddlers.

 Baby bath time is a special time for you and your baby. In the baby bath tub, your child might cry and be scared a little at first but once they realize how relaxing it is they will enjoy it. You should take this time to give your baby a gentle massage and maybe put some soothing products into the baby bath. This will create a calming atmosphere and your baby will be ready for a cozy bedtime.
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Make sure you’re prepared for your baby bath time by keeping all the things you need in the place where you decide to bathe your child. For newborns, it’s a good idea to put the baby bath tub on the floor in the living room on a towel. This is because it is usually warmer than the bathroom room and you don’t have to worry about slipping on tiles. Once your baby is a little older, you can start to use the baby bath tub in the bathroom since it will be more convenient. You will need a wash cloth, baby soap, baby lotion, and any other products that you think you will need. The baby bath tub should only be filled to a shallow level and test the water on your wrist for a comfortable washing temperature. You should then gently place your baby in the water using one hand to cradle their head and neck. Use the other free hand to wash and massage your child. Make sure that you clean the baby’s bottom last. You should always start with the head and face. Once you remove your baby from the bathtub, slowly massage lotion over your baby’s body.

Another option that could save time for you is to bring the baby’s tub into the bathtub with you. The water shouldn’t be too hot. You should place your baby on your chest while bathing him or her. Even though you are saving time with this method, you are also creating a special bond between you and your baby. There are also baby wash mattresses you can purchase that can be used in the baby’s tub and also as back support for you while bathing with your baby in the bathtub. Make your baby bath time enjoyable.

Flying While Pregnant: Is Air Travel Safe for You and Your Baby? The big issue with traveling while you’re pregnant is that it puts distance between you and your doctor. This is especially true if your pregnancy is high risk or you’re close to your expected due date. However, the decision to travel depends on what the actual risk factors are. If you have diabetes and it’s well managed, you shouldn’t run into any big problems. On the other hand, if you’re expecting triplets, traveling a far distance probably isn’t a good idea. As long as you aren’t having any complications with your pregnancy, you should be OK to travel during the first, second, and early third trimesters.

Flying While Pregnant – In The Car Traveling in the car isn’t a big risk, except for the fact that you have to sit in the same spot for a long time. Make sure you stop every couple of hours to use the restroom, stretch your legs, and walk around. Always wear your seat belt as well as the shoulder strap. You need to keep yourself and the baby safe. Not wearing a seat belt definitely exposes you to higher risk. Research has shown that not the leading cause of fetal death in car accidents is the death of the mother.

Flying While Pregnant – In The Air Many airlines will allow pregnant women to fly if they’re less than 9 months pregnant, but you might need a letter from your doctor saying that they see no medical reason why you shouldn’t travel.

Flying is very safe as long as you follow a couple of precautions:

1. Make sure to get up from your seat and walk around. Long periods of sitting will slow the blood circulation in your legs. You want to make sure your blood is flowing freely.

2. Drink water frequently. Carry a water bottle if you need to. The air inside an airplane is always dry. You can get dehydrated very easily during a long trip because the air is so dry.

Flying While Pregnant – What About Medication? Dramamine is helpful if you’re prone to air sickness. Taking it in regular doses while you’re pregnant is fine. Diseases are prevalent in tropical countries, so make sure you get all your vaccinations before you go. Of course, make sure any vaccinations you plan on receiving is cleared by your doctor. Flying while pregnant is fine, just make sure you’re careful.

Are you wondering what is the best jogging stroller for your baby? The best jogging stroller is the one that fits your lifestyle. A lot has changed since the beginning of baby strollers. If you wanted to take your baby out for a stroll back then, your choices were limited. The choice was usually a pram English-style. They were difficult to manage and cumbersome for anyone that lived an active lifestyle. Going up a flight of stairs or trying to take them in elevators was a horrible experience.

People then started to realized that these prams needed to be more compact if they were going to use them on their strolls. This is where the word “stroller” came from. Over time stroller became more lightweight and collapsible, along with a lot of new features. Having busy schedules and trying to find the time to exercise can a hassle. This is where some genius invented the “jogging stroller”. Moms and dads usually don’t know what to look for when they are considering purchasing a jogging stroller. So what is the best jogging stroller for your baby? The following is what you should focus on:

Jogging Stroller Reviews – Fixed or swivel wheels – This is important among jogging strollers. Swivels wheels give greater mobility but it isn’t always the best option. If you actually want to use the stroller for jogging or running, fixed wheels will be the better option. If you  are going to be using your stroller just to take your children out for a walk, then the swivel wheel is the ideal solution.

Jogging Stroller Reviews – Suspension and Cushioning – Always look for a stroller that back/seat cushion or pad. When you’re running, you want to make sure your baby is comfortable as possible. Especially if you are going to running over all types of terrain. In some cases, extra padding might be needed. Most strollers have good suspension in the rear and sometimes in the front as well.

Jogging Stroller Reviews – Safety Features - Of course these are the features you as a parent are going to make sure are at the top of your list. Padded adjustable chest and shoulders straps with a belt are the bare minimum you should be looking for.

Jogging Stroller Reviews – Stability – The stability of a stroller will depend on whether it’s a swivel wheel or fixed wheel. If you are able to brake using the handle it will help stability a lot.

Jogging Stroller Reviews – Storage – You are always going to need to carry basic essentials for your child. The storage area should provide adequate space. You will probably need to store your basic running gear in there as well. This is all the information you need to choose the best jogging stroller for your child.

We have also reviewed the Baby Jogger Summit XC jogging stroller.

Jogging strollers for infants make it possible for moms and dads to quickly restore a level of outdoor exercise after their newborn has arrived. Jogging Strollers for infants also let parents become physically active while not taking anytime apart from their kids. Having said that there are certain precautions to keep in mind when the child is still an infant or a newborn. Here i will discuss things to take into consideration when trying to find jogging strollers for infants.

Jogging Strollers for Infants – What Are The Age Requirements? Jogging strollers for infants are often reserved for kids that are nearly approaching One year old or even older. Normally, this is because of basic safety concerns in addition to issues with the comfort and fit of a small child in a regular jogging stroller.

Nevertheless, you will still find parents who may wish to take their infants and newborns along with them when they are jogging through their usual routes.

There are some factors you’ll need to watch out for when you are going to buy a jogging stroller. The most recognizable difference between a jogging stroller and a normal stroller is the thick big wheels that a jogging stroller has. Wheel measurements range from 12” to 24”, so the rougher the surfaces, the larger the wheels should be.The bigger the wheels, the smoother the ride should be. Some jogging strollers for infants are well suited for all terrain areas while some are just suitable for urban areas. The all terrain strollers would be suitable for almost anywhere.

For the safety of your little one, you shouldn’t exceed the weight capacity. Jogging strollers for infants have various weight capacities. Make sure that you select a stroller that is sufficient to hold the weight of your infant or newborn. The jogging strollers for infants will likely have either pockets or trays where you could store baby accessories and personal things like car keys and a wallet. Dependent upon the level of your activity, the tray might be sufficient, but pouches with zips is often more practical if you are jogging to make sure your possessions do not fall out. These can be taken off and washed in the washer and then dried in the dryer. Machine washable seats are another must for convenience.

Most jogging strollers for infants have a 5-point harness, however some cheaper ones may have the T-shield which doesn’t have the center chest clip. Most state-of-the-art jogging strollers for infants are going to have shock absorbers incorporated in to the frame of the stroller. For your child’s safety, the stroller ought to have a harness to secure your baby in the seat. This needs to be strong enough to make sure that your little one is kept in place in case you need to make any abrupt stops, go over any bumps or in case of an accident.

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A good shock absorbing system is essential especially if you are jogging over rough terrain. Safety is the number one priority when it comes to jogging strollers for infants.
The best jogging strollers have developed into an increasingly well-known baby product. The astonishing factor in regards to the best jogging strollers is the fact that the resale value stays high. So when you decide to sell your jogging stroller, you’ll get an excellent value in the resale market. The best jogging strollers are readily available at a wide variety of price points but keep in mind you’ll get a smoother run with bigger wheels along with a light-weight style.

Stay Healthy With The Best Jogging Strollers When looking at the best jogging strollers, you should not have to compromise your health just because you have a baby. Staying in shape and taking care of your child should never be two mutually exclusive activities. It’s completely wrong for moms and dads to give up exercising simply because they have a little one. The best jogging strollers are going to keep you in better shape and develop better endurance. So you’ll be able to keep up with your child as he or she gets older. And that’s where the best jogging strollers enter the picture. On the other hand, after you have a newborn, it is more important than ever that you get to exercise!

New mothers who like to run want to buy the best jogging strollers that are safe, durable and lightweight. Most of the time it is perfectly fine for a new mother to continue working or jogging after giving birth. The best situation would be to have your new baby along for the run.

The typical, 4-wheeled stroller has unquestionably been used for jogging in previous years. Those runs needed to be well planned to cover only level, smooth surfaces, and excellent care had to be used in securing and padding the child while you ran,. This is because the baby stroller had an inclination to swerve every which way on the path because of its shopping cart wheels.

The best jogging strollers are built to be faster and more robust than standard strollers; and they are the ideal option for parents who make running, walking or trekking a regular part of their schedule. Conventional push strollers aren’t typically designed for speed or tough surfaces, making them challenging for energetic moms and dads to operate on runs and walks. There are many things to consider when trying to distinguish the best jogging strollers for your needs.

The best jogging strollers were developed for both mom’s and dad’s who would like to shed pounds. One of the primary rewards is the benefit of being able to go running or walking outdoors. The best jogging strollers are also lightweight and safe for the baby. Moms particularly need to have a good amount of sunlight following childbirth, specially those who have suffered with postpartum depression. A number of parents believe it isn’t safe to take their newborn outside, especially within the first few months. Getting outside will present your little one with a lot of exposure to the outdoors, that will also amaze them. After a new mother has recovered from her 6-week postpartum time period, she’s normally given the “okay” from her physician to continue a normal exercise routine. With the best jogging strollers, they’ll be able to take in the beauty of nature, as well as the sunlight.

Check out our review on the Baby Jogger Summit XC jogging stroller.

You will usually discover that the more features and accessories the best jogging strollers have, the pricier it will be. Look at the folded dimensions to make sure it’s going to fit into your vehicle for those visits to the park. Also take a look at the weight as well as to make it a point you are able to lift it in and out without difficulty. You should also take into account what extras are included with your jogging stroller and what accessories are available to be purchased separately. The best jogging strollers have a range of items available which are specifically compatible with that stroller for a more customized fit. Once you decide on the best jogging strollers that fits your lifestyle, you can narrow it down to the extras that are included.

The Baby Jogger City Select Stroller is an excellent stroller for moms. It is really a one of a kind stroller because of the multiple functions that are available. You have the ability to mix and match seats, car seats, as well as bassinets to customize your stroller.

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller This stroller can expand to a double capacity stroller by using a unique attachment. So all you would have to do is purchase a second seat and simply snap it into place. The Baby Jogger City Select Stroller is able to adapt to children of all ages which is something that growing families will definitely love.

Features of The Baby Jogger City Select Stroller

  • Sun canopy with multiple positions with an included "peek a boo window". Two additional inches provided for adjustable head height.
  • Fold your stroller in one easy step using an exclusive "quick fold" technology.
  • Parking brake that is hand operated.
  • Wide clean grip telescoping handlebar.
  • 8 inch dual front and 12 inch forever air rear quick release wheels.
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The Pros:

  • Very comfortable for your baby
  • The seat is adjustable four different ways
  • Huge under basket that expands

The Cons:

  • It is a little heavy (30 pounds)

Here is what current owners are saying:


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