Flying While Pregnant: Is Air Travel Safe for You and Your Baby? The big issue with traveling while you’re pregnant is that it puts distance between you and your doctor. This is especially true if your pregnancy is high risk or you’re close to your expected due date. However, the decision to travel depends on what the actual risk factors are. If you have diabetes and it’s well managed, you shouldn’t run into any big problems. On the other hand, if you’re expecting triplets, traveling a far distance probably isn’t a good idea. As long as you aren’t having any complications with your pregnancy, you should be OK to travel during the first, second, and early third trimesters.

Flying While Pregnant – In The Car Traveling in the car isn’t a big risk, except for the fact that you have to sit in the same spot for a long time. Make sure you stop every couple of hours to use the restroom, stretch your legs, and walk around. Always wear your seat belt as well as the shoulder strap. You need to keep yourself and the baby safe. Not wearing a seat belt definitely exposes you to higher risk. Research has shown that not the leading cause of fetal death in car accidents is the death of the mother.

Flying While Pregnant – In The Air Many airlines will allow pregnant women to fly if they’re less than 9 months pregnant, but you might need a letter from your doctor saying that they see no medical reason why you shouldn’t travel.

Flying is very safe as long as you follow a couple of precautions:

1. Make sure to get up from your seat and walk around. Long periods of sitting will slow the blood circulation in your legs. You want to make sure your blood is flowing freely.

2. Drink water frequently. Carry a water bottle if you need to. The air inside an airplane is always dry. You can get dehydrated very easily during a long trip because the air is so dry.

Flying While Pregnant – What About Medication? Dramamine is helpful if you’re prone to air sickness. Taking it in regular doses while you’re pregnant is fine. Diseases are prevalent in tropical countries, so make sure you get all your vaccinations before you go. Of course, make sure any vaccinations you plan on receiving is cleared by your doctor. Flying while pregnant is fine, just make sure you’re careful.

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